Installing a SWITCH-JACK...
...the CLEANEST way to charge, turn on and turn off your plane!

A switch-jack, simply put, is an ON switch, OFF switch and CHARGING jack for your plane... all in one neat CLEAN 4-5 gram set up.

Over at California has an excellent step by step photo how-to page, go there to check it out!... but these photos will give you an idea how clean an install this is!

For how to solder the actual switch and jack as well as where to purchase the parts go to

NOTE: Since Hollyday no longer sells these parts or makes the jacks I would advise you to download a copy of the instructions... I do not know how much longer this link will exist...

To buy QUALITY parts go to Mouser Electronics. I DO NOT advise using the Radio Shack stuff.

STD (5 amp?) set-up:
Jack: Mouser part # 502-765
Plug: Mouser part # 502-712A

Micro set-up: I do not use the micro set-up any more. The type of plug used was never intended to carry supply voltage and is constructed in a way that could potentially fail although I never had a problem with them. The STD size plug is only fractions larger and weighs like 1 gram more - so use the STD one.